APEX™ Version 3.8.6

Release Notes

Resolved Issues:

Merging Fields – User was previously unable to merge map layers and received error message “At item with the same key has already been added.” This issue has been resolved.


Changing crop type “Corn” to “Corn Silage” – User previously received an error message “Unhandled exception error has occurred in your application.” This issue has been resolved.



Global Support Center Information


E-mail: GreenStar@JohnDeere.com

North America Activations only: 1-888-953-3373

North America Support: 1-888-GRN-STAR (1-888-476-7827)

Australia: 0011-800-833-3373

New Zealand: *(000911) 877-712-6449

Brazil: 0-800-891-4031

Mexico: 866-582-4068

Argentina: 0800-444-9126

South Africa: 0800-983-821

Zimbabwe: *(110-98990) 888-983-3373

Zambia: *(00-899) 888-923-3373

*Countries w/ access codes – Dial access code first and once prompted, enter the toll free number.

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Release Notice

These are the Release Notes for the APEX™ Version 3.8.6 Release.