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Aerial Images

Import Aerial images of your farm and fields with the click of a button. Importing an aerial image through GSDNet takes the guess work out of locating an image or worrying about what format it needs to be in. GSDNet does the work for you. This is done in two ways: referencing a pre-defined boundary from Apex, or by using the city, state and cardinal directions to locate your operation from a large scale image map.

Field Boundary
   Aerial Image created from field boundary

-Provides a point of reference which allows you to identify specific areas in the field that should be avoided, such as areas with heavy trees, rocks or waterways. It can also be used to distinguish an area that requires maintenance such as repairing tiled sections, or fence rows.
-Use aerial images as background layers on your GS2 display. This gives operators confidence to know there precise location while operating in the field.
-Aerial images are used as a base for a vegetative index photo to help write prescriptions for pesticides and fertilizers.